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Silver Dialogue partners with Fogwise to bring the benefits of hosted call cloud technology to UK call centres

Silver Dialogue is partnering with Fogwise AB in Sweden to form the UK arm of the sales operation. When asked specifically about the advantages of the hosted call cloud system, Nicola Stanley, Managing Director of Silver Dialogue says, 'it has enabled Silver Dialogue to move from being a 'bricks and mortar' call centre with high overheads to a 'pay as you go' cost efficient call cloud. Using the integrated data dashboard, we now have our fingers on the pulse for project costs and interviewer efficiency. This is a level of detail that we haven't had before', Nicola remarks.

The call cloud system is streamlined & cost effective - enabling call supervisors to have their fingers on the pulse

'Silver Dialogue's market research interviewers are happier working on a more flexible basis and we are happier because the system is more streamlined', added Nicola, 'it provides greater functionality and is better value for money than our previous in-house systems.'

Nicola also commented that some of Silver Dialogue's more hands-on clients like to use the client portal to keep in touch with project progress and to listen in to some of the interviews - this can be of particular help when piloting a complex survey.

Silver Dialogue is now keen to talk to other call centres who would like to join the UK call cloud and benefit from the flexibility that a hosted call cloud solution can provide. The call cloud service can be used in isolation or can supplement existing in-house systems. It also enables call centres to easily share agent/interviewer/supervisor/project manager resources with partner organisations.

For Silver Dialogue, the move to the new system was easy, with only the need for a small investment in some USB adapters for their existing headsets.

If you would like to know more and have a personal online demo of the call cloud, please contact the Silver Dialogue team either by email:, or use an enquiry form or call: 0845 154 4 154.

About the partnership

Per Nordgaard, CEO of Fogwise AB said of the partnering with Silver Dialogue,' We are delighted to work in the UK with Silver Dialogue, having been a happy but demanding customer of ours over the last twelve months and now confident to represent us and be an ambassador for our technology in the UK.' Jan-Erik Fröderberg (COO of Fogwise AB) added that 'the deep knowledge Silver Dialogue has in the field of market research in general and about our system specifically gives us high hopes of a successful future together'.


For an online demonstration contact silver dialogue either by email:, or use an enquiry form or call: 0845 154 4 154


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