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Our research studies and you

If you have been invited to take part in one of our research studies we do hope that you will participate, we are sure that you will enjoy the experience and find it interesting. We have asked you to help with our research because we are working for an organisation that needs to understand the people who are its 'customers'.

How Market and Social Research Works

Businesses and public bodies commission market and social research to get a reliable picture of the people who make up the 'market' for what they have to offer. Market and social research firms like ours do the job on a scientific basis. We select a representative cross-section of the public, so as to get the views of people in different age groups, occupations, etc. We have to give a high-quality service to keep the confidence of the businesses that use us. Our interviewers are trained to high professional and ethical standards.

We follow the market research society code of conduct and as such, when you take part in one of our studies, you have the following rights:

To know the purpose of the interview

•To know who is interviewing you - all our interviewers carry an identity card giving the interviewer's name, photograph and organisation

•To end the interview at any point

•To know that any personal information provided will only be used for the purposes about which you have been told

For further information, and to check the credentials of any company that approaches you, contact the Market Research Society (MRS) Freephone Service, available seven days a week, 9am to 11pm, on 0800 975 9596


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